Can i use oregano oil for treating toenail fungus?

Apply oregano oil to the infected nail twice a day with a cotton swab.

Oregano oil contains a special antibacterial ingredient, thymol, which is key to fighting toenail fungus.

To disinfect and treat toenail fungus, apply a few drops of oregano oil to a cotton ball or swab and apply it gently to your nails. To treat the nail, apply oregano oil directly to the nail once in the morning and once in the evening. Use a cotton swab or cotton ball and apply the oil directly to the nail for best results.

Fortunately, a great solution is to use oregano oil to combat toenail fungus and keep the system healthy before the summer heat sets in. Fortunately, there are several easy home remedies that can help you treat and prevent the development of toenail fungus. Although commonly considered a cosmetic problem, nail fungus can become painful and inhibitory, causing toenails to thicken and crack. Toenail fungus is also known as onychomycosis and is so common that it accounts for about one-third of fungus-related skin infections.

The treatment is chosen depending on the type of nail invasion, the type of fungus and the number of nails affected. It can take a long time for toenails, especially toenails to grow back, so it may take months of treatment to get rid of them completely the fungus.