What are the common signs of a fungal toenail infection?

The main symptoms are changes in the appearance of the nails. Rarely, the condition causes pain or a slightly foul odor. Nail fungus is a common nail infection. It starts as a white or yellowish-brown spot under the tip of the fingernail or of the foot.

As the fungal infection deepens, the nail may become discolored, thickened, and crumble at the edge. Nail fungus can affect several nails. A fungal nail infection is a common condition that can cause brittle and discolored toenails, usually on the toes. In the case of toenail fungus, the nail becomes thick and yellow and may show white spots and stripes.

A type of mold called dermatophyte causes tinea nail, the most common nail fungus. Tinea ungual most commonly affects toenails, but it can also affect fingernails. Onychomycosis is another name for this condition. The most effective treatment for toenail fungus will largely depend.

of your symptoms and your situation. Your healthcare provider will direct a high-tech laser beam and special lights to your toenail to treat the fungus. Talk to your healthcare provider about the pros and cons of treating toenail fungus to determine what's best for you. Toenail fungus occurs when fungus gets between the toenail and the nail bed (the tissue just below the toenail).

Because fungi grow in dark, warm places, toenails are more likely to be affected than fingernails.